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Recently, I had a wonderful time talking with Angela Johnson about modifications to Scrum that make us cringe.  Sprint 0 and Story Authors topped the list.  Please give Angela's article Are You Transforming the World of Work, or Confusing It? for more on these subjects.

Angela is also offering a $100 discount to listeners who would like to take her CSM class, in Chicago, on July 9th & 10th - just use discount code AJ_100.

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In this episode I speak with Dave Sharrock, of Agile 42, about scaling Agile ogs.  

Please excuse the hacked up sound quality.  I didn't realize it while Dave and I were speaking, but I entered into this discussion with preconceived ideas of what scaling Agile orgs meant, and it was well reflected in my part of the discussion.  At times I derailed the conversation, and at others, I slowed Dave down from getting his point across.  I believe I've been able to edit the audio back into a semblance of coherent conversation, almost simply by editing out some large portions of me talking. So, please enjoy Dr. Dave Sharrock speaking about scaling Agile organizations.  It's not necessarily all about making your Agile footprint bigger, ideally it's about making it better (and then bigger later).

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