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From national elections to ditch digging, Matt and Rick use the recent US Presidential election results, to springboard into some great examples of how national politics and business events can mirror each other. Moreover, how do we, as Agile professionals, react to internal politics.

The idea for this episode was influenced by a tweet that Rick saw the day after the US Presidential election. Rick, being a wartime US veteran and fierce patriot, was immediately infuriated by this tweet, which called the United States the ‘dumbest country on Earth!’ After some time had passed and Rick calmed down, he organized two Agile Politics podcast episodes - this being the second in the series.

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It’s no shock that there is turmoil in the populace, after the recent US Presidential Election. But, the fact that Agilists are criticizing each other prompted this 2 part discussion. In this first discussion, Rick, Mike and Sandie talk about how certain demographics have historically been under-represented, and targeted unfairly in politics and our national culture - and how the recent election has brought that normally covert part of the culture into the spotlight.

Trying to draw parallels to the Agile world, Rick points out that the corporate world is not immune to the turmoil we’ve see in the nation this month.

Tune in to hear how we stitch it all together…

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If you've been around Chicago long enough, at least in the Agile community, you would know that the company currently know as HERE (formerly Navteq and then Nokia) has a great reputation for being an Agile company.  The truth is, the Agile movement there started as an experiment - as most things in Agile should.

I tag along while Allen Rutzen and Jorgen Hesselberg describe the best example of a true Agile Transformation.

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The ever-controversial Tom Mellor discusses the differences between 'Being Agile' and 'Doing Agile.'  Tom talks quite a bit about Frederic Laloux's organizational paradigms (categorized by a color spectrum), and gets us started down a road that leads to differences in what we are taught about the basic elements of Scrum - or at least what we thought we were taught.

Tom also qualifies and stands by his statement "I think the ScrumMaster was the worst thing ever created in Scrum" by answering the question "If you don't have a ScrumMaster, how do you expect [a new Scrum Team] to become a team that practices Scrum?" -- You have to listen to get his answer :)

Tom mentions these notable people and their works:
Jason Little - Lean Change Management
Frederic Laloux - Reinventing Organizations
Gil Broza - The Human Side of Agile
Dan Mezick
Tom Wujec's - Marshmallow Challenge
Gordon Mackenzie - Orbiting the Giant Hairball
Kimball Fisher - Leading Self-directed Work Teams

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I recently got the most wonderful opportunity to talk with a couple of legends in the Agile Community - Chet Hendrickson and Ron Jeffries!  They're partnering with Brian Levy to bring a 5-Day, dual certification, public CSD class to Chicago for the week of 14-18 March, 2016.

Ron, Chet and Brian discuss many of the XP Practices we grown to love and integrate into our Scrum implementations.  Brian also adds a dash of SAFe to the conversation.

The class, in downtown Chicago, combines a 3-day Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) class and a 2-Day SAFe ScrumXP class.  Class attendees will be awarded the CSD via Scrum Alliance (assuming they already have other pre-requisites covered), and the Scaled Practitioner (SP) via Scaled Agile.


Details for the class can be found at these sites

Scrum Alliance 

Rome Agile

Scaled Agile


About the Trainers

You can find more about Ron Jeffries here.

You can find more about Chet Hendrickson here.

You can find more about Brian Levy here.

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