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This is just a short video with some tips on becoming an Agile Coach.  This is definitely NOT a comprehensive guide to becoming an Agile Coach.  

When asked by Anthony Mersino (Vitality Chicago founder) to provide a few short tips for aspiring Agile Coaches, this is what I came up with.


Enjoy :)

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A great friend of the show, Jim Sammons of Loop Agility, joins us to talk about dysfunctions we've seen in immature teams.  In between Rick telling long-winded stories, we discuss coaching approaches, how we inspire change, letting teams solve their own problems, empowerement and dis-empowerment.  We discuss estimation, coaching at the team level - my favorite!  We share some stories about customers suffering because of internal beuracracy.  I relate experiences where timing is everything - getting coaches involved at the right time can make all the difference in your Agility efforts.

Conferences in and around Chicago
Agile Professional Learning Network - Chicago Chapter Conference - June 13th, 2019


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