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Rick has invited Chris Coultas back to the show to discuss a few more DRiV reports, and his book Driven Not Drained .

Rick also invited Marcelo Lopez back to the show, because Rick and Marcelo are both DRiV Certfied Coaches.  They ask Chris to go a little deeper into what indications from DRiV reports mau give us some insights into how teams might perform.

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Matt, Mike, and Rick talk with Dr. Chris Coultas about the amazingly accurate and helpful DRiV report that helps you understand why you are affected the ways you are, by the things that happen around you.  

The DRiV goes beyond telling you the things about yourself you already know, it tells you what behaviors you will be prone to engage in, and what type of environments or behaviors will DRIVE you, and which will DRAIN you.

Rick happens to be a certified DRiV coach, and can provide the DRiV assessment to you, and help you analyze it.  If you would like to explore the DRiV report with Rick, please contact him at

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In this episode, Mike and Rick chat with Howard Sublett on the ever-changing world of work, and the changes and challenges he's seen at Scrum Alliance since he became the Chief Product Owner.

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Dawn Nicole McIlwain has created a Social Media platform for Agilists.  She joins Rick, Mike and Matt to talk about how it is helping the Agile community come together, without the 'noise' that other Social Media platforms distract us with.

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The Agile Professional Learning Network of Chicago is planning a new kind of conference / learning opportunity.  Listen as Rick interviews the APLN board as they share their vision for RESEARCH LABORATORY 2021 – coming in May!

This Research Laboratory will be somewhat a cross between a Conference, a Hackathon, and an Open Space.  Kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure conference. 

There will be a Call for Challenges From Organizations, instead of the normal Call for Papers.  The attendees will select, or volunteer for  helping these organizations, and work with them to fix their problems over the next several months. This will allow organizations that can't normally afford Agile Consultants the opportunity to benefit from their help.

In a sense, this Research Laboratory will generate the content that most Agile Conferences end up with.

Listen to the podcast for more details.  And check out the APLN Chicago page here.

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