Agile Chicago Style Podcast (Agile Fluency)

At the Agile Professional Learning Network - Chicago Chapter's 2017 conference, Paul Madison and I had the opportunity to talk with Ahmed Avais about the Agile Fluency Project. Ahmed had almost literally just finished his presentation on the Agile Fluency Model when Paul sat him down and asked him about it.

Ahmed told Paul about the 4 zones of Fluency

  1. Focus on Value

  2. Deliver Value

  3. Optimize Value

  4. Optimize for Systems

The Agile Fluency is different than Maturity Models in that one team cannot be compared to another (therefor weaponizing the model)

Ahmed also explains Fluency through the Tarzan example. Tarzan matured relative to his environment - swinging on vines hanging from trees, etc. But, his language fluency never quite developed, and his vocabulary very limited - “Me Tarzan. You Jane.” With a larger vocabulary and more practice at speaking to other humans, Tarzan has a chance to communicate with humans. Without the necessary practice he will either continue at his current fluency level, or his fluency could even diminish.

You can catch up with Paul Madison on Twitter at @paulrmadison

You can catch up with Ahmed Avais on Twitter at @ahmedavais

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