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A great friend of the show, Jim Sammons of Loop Agility, joins us to talk about dysfunctions we've seen in immature teams.  In between Rick telling long-winded stories, we discuss coaching approaches, how we inspire change, letting teams solve their own problems, empowerement and dis-empowerment.  We discuss estimation, coaching at the team level - my favorite!  We share some stories about customers suffering because of internal beuracracy.  I relate experiences where timing is everything - getting coaches involved at the right time can make all the difference in your Agility efforts.

Conferences in and around Chicago
Agile Professional Learning Network - Chicago Chapter Conference - June 13th, 2019


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Mike Marchi returns to the show with Jeff Singleton.  Both are board members of the Agile Professional Learning Network - Chicago Chapter.

We talk about a recent discussion at the APLN meetup, how the Agile Community sustains itself.  We also talk about how internal organizations may sabotage their own efforts to create sustainable communities.

Also, the APLN is hosting their 3rd Annual Conference on May 16th, 2019.  They are still accepting speaker proposals.  Checkout their website for more info.

Paul Madison stops in to chat at the APLN Chicago 2017 Conference, and gets roped into helping produce the rest of the podcasts for the conference.

Before that, though, Paul and I shoot the breeze about the current market temperature on experimentation and how to handle violations of Team Working Agreements.

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It’s no shock that there is turmoil in the populace, after the recent US Presidential Election. But, the fact that Agilists are criticizing each other prompted this 2 part discussion. In this first discussion, Rick, Mike and Sandie talk about how certain demographics have historically been under-represented, and targeted unfairly in politics and our national culture - and how the recent election has brought that normally covert part of the culture into the spotlight.

Trying to draw parallels to the Agile world, Rick points out that the corporate world is not immune to the turmoil we’ve see in the nation this month.

Tune in to hear how we stitch it all together…

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The ever-controversial Tom Mellor discusses the differences between 'Being Agile' and 'Doing Agile.'  Tom talks quite a bit about Frederic Laloux's organizational paradigms (categorized by a color spectrum), and gets us started down a road that leads to differences in what we are taught about the basic elements of Scrum - or at least what we thought we were taught.

Tom also qualifies and stands by his statement "I think the ScrumMaster was the worst thing ever created in Scrum" by answering the question "If you don't have a ScrumMaster, how do you expect [a new Scrum Team] to become a team that practices Scrum?" -- You have to listen to get his answer :)

Tom mentions these notable people and their works:
Jason Little - Lean Change Management
Frederic Laloux - Reinventing Organizations
Gil Broza - The Human Side of Agile
Dan Mezick
Tom Wujec's - Marshmallow Challenge
Gordon Mackenzie - Orbiting the Giant Hairball
Kimball Fisher - Leading Self-directed Work Teams

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Just Matt and Rick for this episode.  Matt recalls his experience at a local Agile Meetup - APLN Chicago.  The topic: Culture Eats Agile for Breakfast.

The presenters at this meeting told the story of how they implemented Agile at their organization, but really focused on how they targeted the company culture as something that needed to change along with the development teams.

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